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About Us

Fill in our inquiry form and we will contact you when this site is launched! Earthwalk is an eco educational resource center that is a result of over a decade of accumulative learning and sharing at our 5 acre eco farm near Colborne, Ontario. We called our micro farm the Sustainable Living Center because at Earthwalk we endeavor to live and work in sustainable and healthy ways.

Here at our Eco Education Center...

Our Mission is simple...
"We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future.”

We offer sustainable living educational experiences throughout Eastern Ontario for all ages and backgrounds. Our educational program features workshops, seminars, courses, and hands-on volunteer opportunities in sustainable living, natural health, healthy homes, green construction, environmental action, conservation, planetary survival and related themes.

We try to walk our talk and test the technologies and techniques we teach about at our Sustainable Living Center hobby farm just north of Colborne. There a group of dedicated individuals pooled resources to bring together tangible and practical solutions to many of our sustainability issues.

Necessity they say is "The mother of invention." The story of Earthwalk is indeed one of need driving innovation. Never before has there been such a need to understand and integrate sustainable practices in our homes, at work, and in our communities.

It is becoming clear to many that if we do not act now to create a healthier and more sustainable society the destiny of both this generation and the generations to follow will be at stake.

Change is driven by knowledge. Talented leaders and instructors are participating in the Earthwalk educational programs; coming from near and far to share their knowledge and experience with you. These events are staged at various locations around Eastern Ontario, so don't miss out on any programs that interest you. Stay in touch and hear about our upcoming programs by subscribing to our newsletter.

Earthwalk brings a tapestry of talents and expertise together with one common objective...facilitating a new sustainable culture that can insure a safe and healthy place to live for generations to come.

The power of focused teamwork is impressive and Earthwalk is a good example of this in action. The team that is developing Earthwalk is dedicated to providing tools, information and resources to help you build a healthy and sustainable life and community.

In a very short time we have managed to bring all the pieces together to build an abundance of eco resources available for individuals, organizations and communities.

In 2004 the Green House Enterprise Center a local sustainable economic development organization began a feasibility study to explore how it could best bring about healthy sustainable changes in the way we are doing things as a society. After months of analysis it seemed that educating the public about environmental issues and their impact on our health, our communities and our economy was the most direct approach to create change. "It became pretty clear that combining knowledge and resources to enable people to green their lifestyle was the most practical and potentially cost effective solution to the pressing environmental problems we are facing today."

Out of this realization the vision of Earthwalk Eco Education Center was born. The whole project had been conceived to bring both the knowledge and solutions together to make it easier for anyone to learn about sustainability and to make environmentally responsible decisions about the way they live.
“We are approaching our second year of programming. We have had grand plans for a while and all the pieces are coming together as if by divine design.

Based about equal distant between Toronto and Kingston our programs are offered at locations that are generally just an hour or so from some of the largest population centers in Canada.

We are currently working out the details of our 2009 educational programs and scheduling speakers for our seminar series. We will be posting the dates and times of these workshops on the web site. So visit our Training Programs page often to see what is coming up.

We are still looking for some financial support to help us further develop this project but we have attracted interest from a wide variety of stakeholders and we have already assembled many of the resources that we will need in order to continue to develop all the facilities we will need.

We opened our doors on Earthday 2008 and Earthday marked our first year of programing. As we are developing our 2009 Schedule , Earthwalk will have many announcements over the next few months. So stay tuned... bookmark this web site. As the project develops, NEWS about our programs will appear on these pages.

The Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center farm is located just north of the Colborne exit for highway 401 in South Eastern Ontario. Visits are by appointment only, so call us in advance to book a tour.

We are an all Canadian initiative with a love of this country, this planet and its inhabitants.

We also know that there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from our past...

There are simply no unimportant decisions!!!




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For more information call our office at 905-355-3000.

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