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The Village of Colborne

Colborne is a charming community located in the heart of the Apple Country of Northumberland County, midway between Toronto and Kingston. Founded in 1792, Colborne has a very unique town centre with parkland and a wide streetscape.

North of town, within sight of Highway 401, is a 35 foot high 42 ton apple. "The Big Apple" offers a variety of diversions that will get you in the mood to sample more of apple country.

North of the Big Apple and highway 401 you will find the Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center and if you go far enough the Village of Castleton.

South of the 401 you will find the village of Colborne and the town square. Colborne is the capital of Cramahe Township. South of the main village of Colborne is the town rec center ("Keeler Centre") It is eco-friendly; it features a geo thermal heating and cooling system that makes it one of the most efficient facilities of it type in Ontario.

The Colborne Local Architecture Conservancy provides walking tours of Colborne that showcase the community's architectural heritage. The village of Colborne is sprinkled with vintage architecture, historic murals and in the centre of town is Victoria Square, an attractive park in the centre of town complete with its own canon.

The village boasts the widest main street in Northumberland County and self-guided historical walking tours of the village are available.


The Colborne Art Gallery & Historic Site shows works from Northumberland County artists.
It is the home of the Colborne Society of Artists. The Society was founded in the spring of 1977, in response to a unique opportunity.

The Historic Land Registry office was sold by the provincial government to the village of Colborne, for the sum of $8, on condition that it be maintained as a museum or library. Wilhelmina Kennedy proposed that the building become an art gallery, a suggestion that was enthusiastically welcomed by Colborne Village Council.

The rest is history as a group of local artists formed a co-operative to be known as The Colborne Society of Artists, and the group now runs the Colborne Art Gallery.

Visitors to our village will be enchanted by architectural gems, fine antiques, craft and gift shops, country auctions, historical murals, and many special events staged in the heart of town, Victoria Square!

Year round, there are events of interest for all ages; lawn bowling, figure skating, church socials & theme dinners. The Apple Blossom Tyme Festival is held annually in May, and the fragrant apple blossoms can be smelled for miles around at that time of the year.

Historical Murals

Colborne is the home of more public wall murals per capita of any other town in Ontario.

A virtual outdoor gallery of historical murals that tell the tale of Colborne over the years and are a wonderful form for local artists to exhibit their work.

Stroll through town and enjoy the historic vistas created by local artists, the local colour in the shops and resteruants and of course the Colborne Home Hardware which in much like a general store. It is run by Heather and Doug who endevour to have everything you could possible need.

You might say Colborne is a small town with lots of character and big dreams.


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