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Earthwalk - 2011 Eco Film Festival

Earthwalk is proud to be the home of the Gaia Film Club which views and reviews eco films at Earthwalk each month. The Eco Film Festival is presented by the enthusiastic members of the Film Club who are happy to share the insights and inspirations they found in the outstanding eco films being shown this year. Come and enjoy a season full of films, seminars and workshops on Sustainable and Healthy Living. The Films are being shown by members of our Eco Film Club and a schedule will be available at Earthwalk. Seating is limited for the films so please call 905-355-3000 to pre register for the workshops and films you are interested in attending.

2011 Eco Film Festival

Many of our members have volunteered to share thier videos with our group. Throughout this season and every month on an ongoing basis, the Earthwalk film club will be holding discussions and screenings of recent eco films that are having a major impact on our understanding of the current state of our planet.

Festival Admission

General Admission for each evening is $15 or $500 for a full festival pass.
The evenings include a meet and greet, discussion and screening. Each evening starts at 7:00 pm.
. Admission is Free For Earthwalk Members and Volunteers.
All seats are reserved ahead of time and seating is limited so we suggest that you
call 905-355-3000 ahead of time to reserve your seats.

This Weeks Screenings

Here are some of the titles coming up call for the details for the date you are considering..

Global Warming – The signs & the science Run Time: 60 min
Morissette: Hosts & narrates Not Rated, 2005

With drought, wildfires, flooding, severe weather, and new diseases, showing up at an alarming rate, global warming can no longer be ignored. This movie tells the story, of how Global Warming is affecting the everyday person, and then scientists disclose the latest undisputed findings, of Global Warming impact.

An Inconvenient Truth Run Time: 96 min
Rated G, 2006

Former American, vice president, Al Gore, bluntly shows viewers the dismal state of our planet’s future, if we continue live the way we do. Gore, backs up his arguments of Global Warming with charts and graphs, making it virtually impossible to deny the fact, that Global Warming is occurring; however, the movie does bring fourth a glimmer of hope, through united change.

What a Way to Go Run Time: 120 min
Not Rated

This movie analyzes historical, social, and psychological factors, bringing humans closer to extinction. The movie will shake you, with interviews from noted authors, and scientists, and then force you to face the state of our planet. After acceptance, there is an awakening of courage, that will leave you with strength, and courage to face the changes happening, in our environment.

Crude Awakening: The oil crash Run Time: 85 min
Rated G, 2006

This movie examines the world’s dependency on oil, and then asks the question “What will happen when oil is no longer available?” This movie brings fourth the prospect of a civilization without oil, and then shows you how unready we are for the loss of our precious resource.

End of Suburbia Run Time: 78 min
Rated PG 13, 2004

Suburbia is the measure for success, in today’s society, but what is the impact suburban life having on our environment? Scientists and policy makers examine the decline in fossil fuels, and world oil peak, then apply possible outcomes, these events will have on our society. The outcome is not good, but this movie looks at both individual and collective change, focusing on a sustainable tomorrow.

The myths of Biofuels Run Time: 90 min
Not Rated, 2007

This movie explores the reality of biofuels, and probes the question “Are biofuels really a good substitute for fossil fuels?” David Fridley, a scientist at Berkeley National Laboratory, realistically looks at biofuel production, limits, land requirements, energy consumption, low energy returns, and the environmental and economical consequences of the global industry, of biofuels.

Who Killed the Electric Car Run Time: 93 min
Rated PG, 2006

GM created a fleet of EV-1 electric cars, that could effectively replace fuel, driven cars. The cars were leased to the public, and received fantastic reviews; however, owners were never allowed to buy the vehicle, only lease. The murder mystery unfolds, and narrator Martin Sheen, investigates America’s addiction to foreign oil.

The Refugees of the Blue Planet Run Time: 90 min
Rated G, 2007

The state of the world is creating environmental refugees. This film tells the unjust story of these refugees, who are loosing their rural environments that once sustained them, because of global warming and exploitation of natural resources. Canadian’s too, are starting to feel the affects, of the disappearance of our rural landscapes.

Manufactured Landscapes Run Time: 90 min
Rated G, 2006

Breath-taking photography, captures the impact that Industrialized China, has had on nature. The visions captured by Edward Burtynsky, show the direct and unforgiving impact, industrialization has left on nature.

Baraku Run Time: 96 min
Not Rated, 1994

This movie tells the story of humankind’s impact on the planet Earth. The film shows the dramatic beauty and darkness of our world, and was photographed on six contents, and 24 countries. Creating a global connection of inspiration.

stay tuned for updates on upcoming screenings

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