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Just For Kids

Earthwalk has programs for kids of all ages.

The Earthwalk Eco Kids program includes monthy meetings with games, crafts, films and fun activities that teach kids about being "green". Our Eco Kids learn about everything from wildlife and natural habitat preservation to eco gardening and healthy homes.

We also have special events for kids like birdhouse workshops, eco art events and tree planting bees. Call our office to learn more about our Eco Kids.

Solar Month at Earthwalk This months activities and quiz is about solar energy. Follow the links to learn more about what the sun can do for us.

Info about solar energy:

Kids, we're glad you're interested in renewable energy! If you need more information than you find on this site, check out the following links:

Dr. E's Energy Lab
Information on solar, wind, geothermal, alternative fuels and energy efficiency. Lots of links, and "Ask an Energy Expert"

Energy Ant
Fun facts and activities on all aspects of energy

Earth Dog
An overview of renewable energy technologies, and join the Earth Dog club

Energy Quest
Exercises, games, puzzles, projects, activities and much more from the California Energy Commission

If you have a link to a kid-friendly environmental website that you would like us to include please e-mail us.


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