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Earth Walk Membership

Our members enjoy special access to information, tools and resources which can facilitate sustainable living.

We teach about healthy and eco responsible living providing tangible and practical solutions to many sustainability issues. By simply becoming a member you are taking a significant step towards creating your own sustainable future.

Earthwalk Membership provides a multitude of resources that can help you chart your personal path to sustainability. Through our educational programs, our resource center and our eco services we can facilitate our your ability to create a sustainable future, for your family, for your organization, for your community and for your planet.

Membership Has Its Privileges!

It pays to become an Earthwalk Member. Not only do we teach you how to save time, money and energy but Earthwalk members can also enjoy discounts on a wide variety of resources and services available through our resource center and local sustainable providers.

Including discounts on...
sustainable technology
sustainable support services
books and training materials
our special events
workshops and seminars
training courses
design services
and more...

The discount on our workshops alone can pay for your membership easily. As an Earthwalk member you also receive the Earthwalk newsletter that keeps you up to date with who, when and what is happening at Earthwalk.

When you become an Earthwalk supporting member you also receive the Green Works E- magazine that keeps you up to date with sustainability news and developments as well as helpful articles on a wide range of topics.

Become a member and enjoy advance notice of upcoming programming and workshops as well as eco oriented community events and special field trips and get togethers for our members.

For pennies a day Earthwalk Membership can make it a lot easier to live sustainably.

Membership Categories

Earthwalk is about sharing ideas and building community so Members receive invitations to special events throughout the year where you can connect and network with people of like mind.

Together we can make a difference by focusing on the actions we can take today in our own lives - in our homes, our businesses, our communities - to begin the transition to a sustainable future.

Sign me up! Yes, I want to join Earthwalk, help support its projects and enjoy all the benefits that membership provides, including discounted prices on workshops!





Volunteering At Earthwalk: We have several volunteer opportunities at Earthwalk. If your are interested in hands on participation and learning ask us about our Volunteer and Intern programs. If you have something to contribute to the development of this site or the center itself feel free to email us at info@earthwalk.ca


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Enjoy the benefits of Earthwalk Membership

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For more information call our office at 905-355-3000.

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