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TAKE ACTION! Getting Involved Is Easy - There are truly endless opportunities to get involved at Earthwalk. Become a member! You can take our courses, attend our workshops, go on our Eco Treks or help with the Green Planet Festival. You can work as a volunteer with Earthwalk - in the gardens, in the kitchen, in our office, in the eco tech workshop, in the multi media center, in the learning center and much more. Meet Our VolunteersAs an organization, we also receive support from businesses, individuals and organizations interested in furthering the knowledge and practice of sustainable living. This support comes in many forms: in-kind services, donated tools and equipment, and financial resources. So you can also become a Sponsor and help us all make a difference.

Earthwalk exists because a group of people from our community with similar visions got together to make a positive difference. We have managed to bring all the pieces together to create the sustainable living center in a relatively short time because so many people realized that it is an idea whose time has come.

Together we can create a sustainable future for all of us.

Participate In Our Programs - You don't have to be a member to enjoy our Seminars and Workshops, or enroll in one of our Courses, or go on an Earthwalk Eco Trek or get involved with our hands on volunteer or intern programs. You just have to contact our office. There are many ways to learn and to grow at Earthwalk. We welcome your participation.

Become a Member - Explore The Benifits Of Earthwalk Membership Our members enjoy special access to information, tools and resources which can facilitate sustainable living. It pays to become an Earthwalk Member. Not only do we teach you how to save time, money and energy but Earthwalk members can also enjoy discounts on workshops and a wide variety of resources and services available through our resource center and local sustainable providers. Become a member for pennies a day and enjoy advance notice of upcoming programming and workshops as well as eco oriented community events and special field trips and get togethers for our members.

Together we can make a difference by focusing on the actions we can take today in our own lives - in our homes, our businesses and in our communities to begin the transition to a sustainable future.

Volunteer At Earthwalk: We have several volunteer opportunities at Earthwalk. Volunteer to help with our community education programs and learn more about sustainable living. If your are interested in hands on participation and learning ask us about our Volunteer and Intern programs. If you have something to contribute to the development of this site, the center itself or its programming feel free to give us a call or email us.

Partner with Earthwalk
We already received a great deal of support from the local business community and significant support from the construction industry and individual craftsman from the community. We have indeed been building Earthwalk piece by piece with a group effort and through symbiotic partnering with like minded individuals and organizations.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Earthwalk and all the volunteers that have helped along the way. To our Sponsors we offer our limitless gratitude for their help in creating and maintaining the center.

Become A Sponsor at Earthwalk's Sustainable Living Center
Explore The Benifits Of Earthwalk SponsorshipBe a leader in the movement towards sustainability by sponsoring programs at our eco center. We greatly appreciate and openly invite offers to assist us with the co-creation of the Sustainable Living Center. As a result we go out of our way to make sure our sponsors get public recognition of their commitment to sustainable living. At Earthwalk Sponsorship has its privileges. We offer many ways to recognize and promote the sponsors of our eco center.

Become A Sponsor on Earthwalk's Web Site - We certainly would appreciate your support for sustainability.ca Sponsor a page on our web site at $100 per month and receive exclusive banner exposure on that page as well as our special sponsor privileges.

If you have something you would like contribute or a way you would like to participate just contact us. To participate in any of these partnering opportunities contact our office at 905-355-3000.

Note: All program participation is subject to Earthwalk approval.


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