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Our Sponsors

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Earthwalk and all the sponsors that have helped along the way. Almost everyone has a stake in our collective ability to create a sustainable future. So dedicated and continued support has come from every corner of our community and our economy. This support has come in many forms: in-kind services, donated tools and equipment, and of course financial resources. We thank you all!

We particularly want to thank the following organizations for their generous support . (This list is updated regularly)

Green House Enterprise Center has provided eco building resources and expertise.

Canadian Natural Health Association for their support of our Natural Health programming.

Green Planet Foundation for their support of our classroom resources.

Media Arts Center for their assistance with our Web Site.

Insights Inc. for their consulting services.

Country Hearth & Chimney for thiere assistance with our chimney system

Canadian Doors and Windows for thier asistance with our windows

Vanderlann Installations Ltd. for their contribution to our trim and rain water harvesting system.

Coles Building Supplies for thier assistance with materials

Life Breath for our HVAC control computer.

Canadian HVAC Design for thier HVAC design

Home Hardware - Colborne - Cobourg for thier assistance with materials

Kinetico for their assistance with our water purification system.

Home Depot for there assistance with tools

Weather Tite for their assistance with high effecinecy insulation systems.

Northumberland Glass for their assistance with our glassing solutions

BB Design Build
for their assistance with no off gasing concrete stain.

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Become An Earthwalk Sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor at Earthwalk
there are several ways of getting involved.

If you have something to contribute to the development of this site, the center itself or its programming. feel free to give us a call or email us.


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